There are several forms that you may need depending on your needs.

  1. Visa Application Forms for China

    Form A is mandatory for all Visa applicants. Form A and B is required for Working or Study Visas, and also for non-Canadian passport holders.

  2. ASAP Service Order Form

    Use this form to order the visa(s) you require from us.

  3. Authentication Appplication Form

    Authentication & Certification Form is for legalizing documents such as birth certificates, marriage license and so forth.

  4. Sample of Employment License

    A sample copy of the required employment license for a Chinese Business Visa.

  5. Sample of Official Invitation Form for Business Visa

    A sample copy of the required Official Invitation for a Chinese Business Visa.

  1. India Visa Application Form

    The Indian consulate requires visa applicants to complete their applications online.

    1. Visit the Consulate General of India website for more information.
    2. Visit India Visa Online to complete your application.
  2. Vietnam Visa Application Form

    This is the application form for Vietnam Visas.